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Mi Casa Tu Casa
The origins
About Us


In the lovely village of Extrepieraz, Brusson, at km 20 of the regional road of Val d'Ayas in the Aosta Valley , the guest house "Mi Casa Tu Casa" is ready to welcome you. Surrounded by historic buildings of the  16th century, such as the arch, the former chapel of Notre Dame des Neiges with its bell tower, the old oven and the well, the structure is the result of a skilful renovation and a promotion of the typical materials of the Valdostan mountain tradition, stone and wood.

Where does our name come from
Our Name

The name "Mi Casa Tu Casa" comes from our beautiful life experience in Mexico where this sentence is commonly used as a gesture of welcome and openness of the family to make a guest feel comfortable (as if he is at home). We like to think that our guests can experience this feeling of protection and peace typical of home's walls and family.

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Our dog friendly structure

Separated from Mi Casa Tu Casa, in an adjacent historic building, we have created two rooms with a shared kitchen. This space that we have called "Peyets" which means "small stable" in the local dialect, has the particularity of being used and prepared to welcome our 4-legged friends.

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Discover all the comforts of our rooms

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Discover all the comforts of our rooms...

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Our Facilities
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